Local Transport

Public transport

International Transport

Air transport

The International Airport Irkutsk is located 8 km away from the city center and 60 km away from Lake Baikal. The airport has direct international and domestic flights from/to about 74 cities. Please check out the official website for detailed flight schedules.

Train transport

There is a regular train service to the countries in Europe and Asia:

  1. Austria (Moscow-Vienna)
  2. Bulgaria (Moscow-Sofia)
  3. Hungary (Moscow-Budapest)
  4. Germany (Moscow-Berlin)
  5. China (Moscow-Beijing)
  6. Poland (Moscow-Warsaw)
  7. Finland (Moscow-Helsinki, Saint Petersburg-Helsinki)
  8. France (Moscow-Paris, Moscow-Nice)
  9. Czech Republic (Moscow-Prague, Saint Petersburg-Prague)
  10. Estonia (Moscow-Tallinn)

Train tickets can be purchased on the official website or of Russian Railways.